David Lancaster's "Well Rounded Presenter" concept

The ability to tailor each of our courses to the needs, not just of the client company, but also of the individual delegate, is something we consider vital.

The diagram is intended to show how this works. We put each person we train at the core - they are "The Presenter". By observing them in action early in the session, we can conduct a live evaluation of their current ability in each of the seven key skill areas (shown in light blue).

The next step is to decide which of the techniques we need to cover from the associated possible coaching topics (shown in light green). When we are running a course, this ability to mix and match is done at two levels: firstly, for the group as a whole and secondly, for each individual so that both group and individual needs are addressed.

For one on one coaching the choice of topics covered is obviously totally driven by the needs of the individual delegate.

This ability to be flexible, whilst at the same time highly targeted, is one of the key reasons for the success of our methodology.

The outermost ring (in yellow) shows the benefits gained by the delegates when the specific coaching topics are implemented. This is our "end game" - to help the people we train become totally "Rounded Presenters", where all of the listed benefits are enjoyed.

So what?
We argue that if an organization has people working in it who - sound credible and convincing, engage and motivate, create impact both visually and verbally, have clear, easy to understand messages, whilst appearing totally at ease - the business gains are immense.
We believe that no other presentation masterclass provider is capable of offering these techniques in such a comprehensive way.