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"Dear David, I gave my presentation today and received fantastic feedback. Thank you so much for your excellent teaching and coaching - it made all the difference to what I have achieved today. After the second day of being trained by you, I went home and said to my husband that, even if BP were to fire me the following day, it would have been worth it just for having had the privilege of experiencing being trained by you. With sincere gratitude and in the hope of one day working with you again."

Managing Attorney.
Smith and Nephew

"I cannot stress how brilliant the team found this course, it has totally shifted how we will be communicating with our internal and external customers. Since Wednesday the team have been buzzing with enthusiasm and are keen to implement the skills they learnt. The 2 days were thoroughly enjoyable, a great laugh and I will certainly be recommending you for other teams in the business."

Marketing Manager.
Kraft Foods

"Thank you, most sincerely, for a wonderfully informative and impactful two days of training. I doubt I have enjoyed, or got more value from, any previous course. It was rather sobering to realise just how much room for improvement I still had, before I could claim to have mastered the art of "Total Plausibility". I thought I was quite convincing and now I realise I was simply very "loud"."

Customer Engagement Controller London 2012.

"I attended your 'Presenting with Impact' course in January last year. Since then it has taken time to wean myself off the comfort blanket of bullet points. However, as I have drip-fed the 'tricks of the trade' with increasing frequency so I have enjoyed a commensurate improvement in the feedback received.
This development of confidence culminated last week in my developing a bells and whistles impact presentation for an internal job interview.
It paid off. I wasn't offered one job but two on the basis of my being an 'excellent communicator'.
Your course was a revelation to me and I continue to be a noisy advocate of all that we learnt.
Thanks again!"

Sales Director.

"Thank you for the previous 2 days. I genuinely learnt a great deal from the course and have been gushing to anyone that will listen about the different aspects, techniques and 'tricks' you taught me. I can't wait for my next presentation! It was fantastic to work with you and joking apart, I was hugely impressed with you and more importantly the things you taught me. I clearly have lots to learn but feel I now have the tools to improve. I actually said to my wife when I got home after battling with the snow that it was arguably the best 2 days I have experienced whilst working for Shorterm!"

Recruitment Director.
Ernst & Young

"I would like to thank you for your assistance in preparing us for this pitch. In eight years of working within the healthcare industry this is the first time that, after having made a presentation at 2.15pm, we were appointed by 4.00pm on the same afternoon."

Partner Infrastructure Finance.

"Just wanted to let you know that the 2 days I spent with the Presentation Techniques Company last week were probably the best 48hrs I have Ever spent in developing skills relevant to my role in life let alone my job. If you need to pass any comments back to David Lancaster just tell him we had a fantastic experience that is going to change the way we communicate FOR EVER!"

Retail Operations Manager.
Novartis Pharma

"David , met with the team last week and this and they were bowled over! Everyone has said that the work you do and the way you do it makes this the most powerful and positively impactful training they have had! That is some feedback - my folks don't exaggerate!"

Head of Development Strategic Sourcing

"The team have been enthusing about your training and it was clearly a huge success. I've been wanting to bring them to you for ages, as your course all those years ago was so inspiring to me personally."

Managing Director.

"I want to say a huge thank you for the past 2 days. I learnt such a tremendous amount. What I found brilliant was that everything you taught was backed up by robust theory and models - appealing to my technical brain! - and then you really pushed us to do things physically with the voice and stance that we would never have done before. And there was no nonsense - so refreshing! Your work is outstanding and I am now going about my day recommending you to everyone I meet."

BP Technology Centre
Guardian Media Group

"David - the course was fascinating and highly insightful. You are massively inspiring and a captivating coach. I enjoyed every moment and now see why so many people talk about you/the course after!!!"

Assistant to Chief Digital Officer
Johnson & Johnson

"I cannot thank you enough. The 2 presentations I delivered at our recent regional portfolio meetings secured over $2m from the region and further 1.5M from local markets.

Went down with a BANG!!!"

Marketing Manager ASPAC Region
Legal & General Investment Management

"The amount and variety that you took us through on the two days was staggering! A fantastic couple of days. Many thanks for creating such a great atmosphere."

Head of Development
The Guardian

"I want to personally thank you for the training you did - it's the best training I've ever had in so many ways. This week I received an invitation to deliver a keynote at a large tech conference in the US next year, as the result of six months of speaking at industry conferences using 'David Lancaster techniques'. The people who hear my talks say that I'm 'inspiring' - I put so much of it down to the strategies and techniques you taught me. Who'd have thought that two days could be so impactful!"

Senior Manager, The Guardian

"Dear David, I have been overwhelmed by the number of compliments after the presentation you helped me design. You are a genius!"

MD Lavendon UK

"I think it was one of the most outstanding courses of any description I have been on in the 30 years of my professional life. David was able to open up so many possibilities.

One very satisfied customer!"

Group Legal Director, Gemfields


"Best professional course I have ever taken. I brag to all my friends and colleagues about the course because it left such an impact. My bet is you will be seeing more of my colleagues! Thank you for real life experiences."

Site Director, GlaxoSmithKline
London Stansted Airport

"Just stepped off stage at an international airport conference in Helsinki. Room packed full of people we needed to impress. My phone is now buzzing with really, really good feedback from airports and from retailers alike. I just wanted to share this with you and say a huge thanks for the techniques, help with the presentations and giving me the ability to trust my content and style as I walked up on stage."

Head of Retail, London Stansted Airport