30 years in business and still going strong!

These are some kind words from our clients published on LinkedIn in response to my celebrating 30 years as a presentation consultant. Big thank you to all my amazing clients. So proud to work with you.

"Your approach is truly game changing and I have such happy memories of our work together. Great to see how many other people feel the same.”
Rachel Power, Procurement Leader

“Your training has been the best in my entire career. You are a true inspiration.”
Kristina D., VP Indirect Procurement, Leonardo

“Congratulations David!”
Pramod Menon, Finance Director, Castrol Middle East and KSA

“Yours was the best training course I have ever attended!!”
Sean McDonald, PMO Director, Rotork

“I always think about David's course when I am presenting.”
Ian Maddrell, Marketing Operations Specialist, Kinaxis

“Sensational David!! What a positive impact you’ve had on so many people the world over. I was privileged to attend your amazing course twice and no other course has come within a bulls roar for effectiveness, fun and camaraderie, thanks a million!!”
Sam Shatrov

“The best impactful training I have ever received. Incredibly useful skills which I use daily in and out of work. Thank you David.”
JP Stewart, Sales and Marketing Consultant

“I was lucky enough to work for a big company that invested in my development from an early start in my career. Your presentation coaching was a game changer. So much credit goes to you for where I am today and there hasn’t been a single week that has gone by over the last 10 years when I haven’t raved about you to someone.”
Alison Zalecki, Managing Director, Mozer

“Congratulations! It has always been a pleasure working with you. I hope we get to do it again :)”
Tanya Cordrey, Non-Executive Board Director, Advisor, Product, Data and Innovation

“Congratulations David! I use the valuable skills you taught me with every presentation I need to make. What an incredible gift you have- thank you for sharing it.”
Brigid Siegel, Global Head of Procurement, Discovery Research, Takeda

“Possibly the best training I have ever taken. Congratulations David.”
Andy Pilling, Platform Manager - Primary Knee, DePuy Synthes Companies

“Congratulations David. Are you still in the Indian hospitality sector? Hope you are well.”
James Gaskell, VP Corporate Development, Enerpac Tool Group

“Congratulations David. Outstanding!”
Andrew Row, CFO, OGCI Climate Investments LLP

“Congratulations David. It's been a pleasure working with you over the years and what a great impact you have had!”
Ralph Hewins, Group CFO, Elmentis Plc

“Dear David - was the best learning experience - all the best to you!”
Maggie Tonge, Experienced Workforce and Total Talent Commercial Lead

“By far the best training experience of my career. Many congratulations!”
Chris Hall, Commercial Director

"Still my favourite and most used training to date! What a true game-changer. Thank you David!”
Linda Burchhart, External Innovation Director, GSK

“Will always remember the 2 days with you as some of the most game changing training I have ever had. Still apply your methods.”
Martijn Moerbeek, Digital Strategy & Innovation Director at LGIM

“Thank you for everything David, your lessons were transformative!”
Igor Lobanov, Chief Architect, Bond 180

“I use the techniques you taught me regularly, one of the best courses I have ever done. Not easy but memorable!! Hope all is well with you.”
Ross Grierson, Director

“Thanks for your help David it’s been put to good use”
Adrian Palmer, Project Manager, Hinkley Point C

“Outstanding - congratulations David”
Wendy Bates, Managing Director Central Services, F M Conway Ltd.

“Thanks for all your help David... informed insightful and impactful training.”
John Naybour, Managing Director Asia Pacific Hips, Knees, Shoulders, MITEK, Power at Johnson & Johnson MD&D

“One of the best personal development experiences I’ve had David.”
David Goosey, Chief Executive Officer, Ozo Innovations

“Congratulations David. Your teachings and guidance have been one of The most important tools in my armoury these last 20+ years.”
Claudio Veritiero, Chief Operating Officer & Strategy/Corporate Development Leader

“Easily the best ! I’m probably due back for a refresh !!! “
Veronica Mercer, VP Procurement, GSK

“Great milestone David”
Ricky Ellam, SPE International/Bartell

“It’s been a great experience learning from you David. Great milestone”
Odhran McConnell, Chief Technology Officer, Trint